Winter has just finished up here!

Cooking with a view

We start our journey in Filzbach, above the Valensee. From there we hike about an hour to Talalpsee, which can be shorted with a cablecar ride. This was too expensive for us though. From there it is another hour and roughly 400m in height. This makes the whole ascent about 900m.

Once we reach our goal of the day, we are astonished by the clear water of this lake! This was an invite for us dip in the lake, but, expectedly, the temperature was way below 10°C. After that, we just enjoyed the warmth of the sun until it sets behind the surrounding peaks.

Crystal clear water at Spaneggsee

We then set up our tent, cook dinner and wait for the darkness to fall. Unfortunately we didn't bring our tripods, since the weather forecast had us prepared for a little rain and heavy clouds. This turned out to be very wrong and there we stood, under a perfectly clear night sky. For once we just looked at the stars with our bare eyes. With dusk coming in, a lot of animals were coming out. Such as frogs and toads, in unbelievable numbers. Such that we had to be careful with every step we take, not to stand onto one of them. Shortly after complete darkness, we crouched into our sleeping bags.

The sky was still quite clear the next morning, which had us hoping for a breakfast in the sun. But of course, just before the sun would climb above the mountain range, clouds started to form and get thicker every minute. There goes our morning sun... Nevertheless we enjoyed a great breakfast, packed our stuff and headed the same way back, since we couldn't go any higher without snowshoes.

On our way back to Talalpsee we have only crossed the way of one other soul, a mountain farmer who was cutting down trees, which fell on the hiking path during this winters storms. He told us that during summer, this area is very crowded and we should should enjoy the loneliness - which we sure did.

Is this Alaska?