(Trying to) find the best weather

From Grimselpass, Passhöhe we planned to hike about 1.5h to Jostsee. Turns out the signs get taken away during the winter to save them from avalanches. We got a little lost. After a little detour and after we found the signs, we manage to reach the lake an hour later.

We found some signs...

Two of the main reasons why we went to that lake were the walking distance (< 500m in altitude) and good weather. Neither of it happened to really mak it worth.

Waiting for the sun

The last sunlight, not on our skin, but in the clouds

In the morning the lake presents us a perfect mirror

After a long rest, we got woken up by a groundhog, just 3m away from our tent. Of course he vanished as soon as I saw him.